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Twistee Treat USA
Twistee Treat is a unique Florida business that has delighted local consumers with its iconic cone-shaped buildings, freshly prepared ice cream, and large menu of customizable sweet treats for 30 years.

Strength of the business:
1. Ease of Operation

  • Twistee Treat’s focused and limited menu is easily executed.
  • Use of cutting edge technology makes operations more efficient.
  • 15-25 jobs are created per unit, however training time is short since operating the equipment is uncomplicated.

2. Ease of Expansion

  • Typical site is in a parking lot in front of a high traffic shopping center (Walmart, Publix).
  • Building footprint is only 530 Sq. Ft.
  • Total site size including outside seating and drive-thru is 5680 sq. ft. This offsets only 26 parking spaces in a typical parking lot.

3. Proven Concept with a Competitive Edge

  • 30 years of success in a wide range of demographic markets.
  • Uniqueness of the building – 25 foot tall – makes guests smile!
  • Quality ice cream at affordable prices makes it a gues favorite.

4. Strong Management Team

  • Intram Investments has put together a team of seasoned professionals to lead the growth of the brand.

5. Unlimited Growth Potential

  • Easy development model: the use of a modular building format simplifies the construction process allowing Twistee Treat to open units rapidly.
  • Strong market: Dairy Queen and Baskin Robbins both have over 6,000 units each proving the existence of a strong consumer demand for ice cream.The potential for the Twistee Treat brand is unlimited, the time is right to grow the concept and all the pieces are in place to successfully implement a growth plan that will take Twistee Treat to over 1,000 units. Please visit to follow the brand’s growth.